Jeannie Corte, Fine Artist/Visual Communications Specialist
Jeannie Corte is an emerging fine artist and long-time graphic artist from the
Texas Gulf Coast area.  She has spent her adult life working as a commercial
artist, and is just now beginning to show her more personal fine art to the public.
Most of her current private work focuses on the settings and wildlife found in
the region, expressing her true love for the outdoors and her appreciation for its

Jeannie Corte has loved producing art since she was a small child, but she
discovered early on that commercial art was just as beautiful as the fine art she
viewed in museums.  She grew up loving commercials and movie posters, so as
soon as she could, she enrolled at the Art Institute of Houston to study Visual

Living near Houston, Texas, Jeannie has had the privilege of developing her art
and visual strategies by working for prominent oil companies, advertising firms,
and currently, Johnson Space Center.

She is a member of The Clear Lake Art Alliance and sells her fine art locally.
Since she works full time, her original fine art pieces develop slowly and sell as
soon as she finishes them. Prints are available to purchase so be sure to enter
your information on the contact page if you are interested.

This website is still under development, but keep coming back to see what's
new.  Hopefully you will find inspiration or at the very least, discover something
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Caribbean Blue
And There Was Light
My Love For Yours
Hidden Treasures

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The Blues
The Hunt
Double Jeopardy